Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Day 2 of actual Uni, (i.e. involving lectures and work) and I feel like a brilliant an attentive student! I've got myself organised with folders, dividers, sub-dividers, sub-sub-dividers and so on and so forth. Ok, so it's only day 2, and there isn't THAT much work to be done (I've tried actually, but it turns out the reading lists, etc, haven't even been put up yet! One step ahead to me!) I am determined however to be a brilliant and attentive student for the rest of my time here! That is of course unless I freeze to death or have a nervous breakdown due to the Hyena living downstairs.

Oh alright I won't actually freeze to death, but they should really invent heated umbrellas to keep you warm when walking from campus to campus... Especially when you arrive at a lecture only to be told it's been cancelled. Either tell me before I venture out in sub-zero temperatures with nothing more than a few dozen layers to keep me warm, or give me a heated umbrella! Still, I suppose I can survive the cold, it's the Hyena I've got to watch out for...

Earphones are a wonderful invention, not only can one enjoy one's preferred choice of music, but one can also block out annoying and irritating sounds. Top of the list is the Hyena, I would like to point out at this point that no, I am not living at a zoo, but the girl in the room below me must definitely have some Hyena blood in her... I have never heard a laugh quite so extraordinary... or quite so loud. Or both. Put together. To equal teeth grinding madness.

I might be able to retreat to the sanctity of my room, but apparently, APPARENTLY, even that is not meant to be. My radiator sounds like some kind of aquatic creature being murdered by some other vicious aquatic creature. *gurgle gurgle gurgle splutter gurgle.... GURGLE* yeah you get the picture. So thank goodness for earphones. Seriously.

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