Tuesday, January 10, 2012

For the Love of Mom

It's a commonly held belief that my mom is slightly unusual. Ok actually most of the family consider a bit crazy, but I was trying to be polite. Personally I think mom is rather hysterical, most often I don't even remember why I have been reduced to tears of laughter by mom, all the remains is the memory of sore stomach muscles and an incredibly funny mommy.

Take for instance mom's strange knack for messing up words or sayings, with most people it's faintly amusing, with mom however, it's classic comedy which should actually be written down and shared with the rest of the world. My most recent favourite is mom's new word for pigeon, I realise there's not much one can do to mess this word up, but like I said, mom has a certain knack. Needless to say we have no started referring to pigeons as "pijjsions" (yeah it's not that easy to say either). What's even funnier is that this word came about after mom had a sip of cider, no I'm quite serious, ONE sip of (mulled) cider. She should definitely be kept away from anything with a stronger alcohol volume than a wine gum.

Next is mom's strange and amusing daily acts she performs, no not something that she performs on purpose, but rather things she does accidentally, like, hmmm, I dunno accidentally dipping a chip into her coffee instead of a rusk? Yeah, you couldn't write this kind of stuff. I think mom also attracts this kind of funny behaviour, the phrase "you think you know me, but you don't" (yes she did actually say that to a complete stranger) come to mind. But on a more recent note, when I showed mom a birthday card, she screamed very loudly in a crowded shop, when she opened it (ok it was a singing card), but her reaction was priceless.

Whilst mom is hysterically funny, she is also, of course, a brilliant and lovely mommy (cue brownie points now), and whilst I hope she doesn't consider this little memento to be too "bulge" (see mom for details), I just want to say "love you lots mom".

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  1. Aw, Ariel... I am going to MISS YOU incredibly when you leave for uni on Friday. Talk about mixed feelings: I am really happy that you are finally going off to study (even though the path to knowing what you want to study has been long, arduous and very painful) but at the same time, my heart will be broken (for a bit, but it's quite spongy so will bounce back again after a while)...

    You are the most amazing little creature, nobody who crosses paths with you is ever quite the same: you leave your unforgettable mark, your complex personality on their Life forever. You have so much to give to the world. Go on then: "Dream Big, Live Big"

    I really really enjoy the time we spend together and thank you (*ank you) for making me laugh (you are following in my footsteps of 'craziness' [!?] methinks... mwahaha).

    I love you forever my Little Precious