Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Wonderland

OMG OMG SNOW!!! These may sound like the words of a small child, or perhaps Lily's silent dog words, but rather this is what I thought, and quite honestly, probably said when I looked out the window this morning. Yes, I know it is the third day of snow, but to me it is still so magically cool and awesome. I don't understand how other people can be "so over" the snow, yeah I'm over it, I'm over it when I do a mad leap across the pristine snow in the garden in a bid to not disturb it (incidentally this did not go as planned as I found myself surrounded by white walls of snow as I lay somewhat startled in the snow - I slipped).

I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen snow... er... twice actually, so it's still pretty amazing to me. I hope I never get to that "I'm so over this" stage, if I do I shall spend lots of time with Lily whose boundless enthusiasm surpasses even my own. She is quite literally insane, I'm not sure what goes on in her little-doggy brain, but whatever it is, it sure is undeniably and rather disgustingly cute. As I write this she is lying against my shoulders, like some kind of cruelly dressed parrot (she is wearing her pink polka dot hoody, which is gorgeously sweet), she is also asleep, but at least she is nice and warm - like a moving back scarf...

Lily can only be compared to a mix between a squirrel, a springbokkie and of course Jack. She LOVES the snow; to her it is white, fluffy edible joy. She can leap in it, she can dig in it, she can eat it, she can frolic to her heart's delight. Earlier we went out into the (dark) snowy garden for some icy play time. This mostly involved Lily doing her springbokkie thing; she has to do mad hop-jumps to keep her head above the snow, otherwise she ends up us just a tail and a bit of back amongst the snow. She also had a pink squeaky to play with, which provided much enjoyment, I think she liked it too. There was this little black hamster thing doing mad leaps for a snow encrusted squeaky – remind you of anyone? *cough* Jackles *cough*

She also decided she rather liked snowballs, or perhaps she decided she rather disliked snowballs. Either way any snowball which comes towards her must be quickly demolished, either by means of eating and flinging wildly, or leaping about in the same spot. Yes, she does rather enjoy eating the snow, maybe what she enjoys more is seeing me suffer as my hands quickly freeze whilst I make these snowballs, but I don’t think she’s that cruel. I think she’s more like “I will come frolic on your NAKED face with my NAKED snow covered self. Take that.

Needless to say, whilst I have been rambling on a bit, I do enjoy Lily’s frolic-iness a LOT. I shall end with Lily’s most famous words: “I’m running, I’m running!” *pause as she shivers with her tongue lolling out* “I’m naked! Woooo-hoooo-hoooo-hoooo!” (Please don’t get confused, once again, these are Lily’s words not mine… I would never do such a thing. I’d keep my tongue in my mouth whilst shivering)