Friday, January 20, 2012

The Onslaught of Science

Right, so I guess that's week 1 done and dusted. Ok. Yes. Right. To be perfectly honest, I am beginning to fear the next two years, if the first week is anything to go by. I'm just clinging to the hope that it will get easier... Who am I kidding.

English Literature is a piece of cake, well I think it is, I have yet to recieve any feedback on any work I've done, but otherwise I have no complaints in that department. Evidently this is what I'm cut out for. But why live life on the safe side, so here I am, with an extensive knowledge of art and english, studying for a science degree. Yes, that's right, a science degree! Ok I've known from the very beginning that it was a science degree... I just didn't ever stop to consider that it would be this "science-y".

Textbook 1; a slip of a book, with a mere 700 or so pages (almost A3 pages I might add), and textbook 2; another slip of a book (okay less slippy and more booky...) with a hearty 400 odd pages. I am not so concerned by the number of pages, rather it's that I find myself having to "translate" every second sentence from science-y academic language to normal-people language. This is where mom and dad come into good use:

me - "please translate this sentence for me!"

dad - "oh, that just means that these little things are doing these jobs".

Well why didn't they just say that in the first place!

I did however manage the second chapter without much difficulty, which made me start thinking oh what was I even worried about, I'll get used to this! Only to discover that it was the whole SECTION I was supposed to be reading, not just one or two chapters. Insert panicked face... now.

I do think I jumped into the deep end without first checking I could swim (yeah I know, it's a really bad metaphor, but that's what it feels like!). But I am determined to be awesome at this whole university business. Also I am very determined (though less than I was before I knew what I was getting myself into) that I will be one of, if not, the best. Bring it on textbooks.

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  1. Yes! That's my Ariel! Go, grab Science-Psychology by the Horns and Ride it and Tame it! Mwhaha So... have you written the Love Letter to yourself yet...?