Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An Hommage

This is about someone whom I love very muchly.  Since this person has asked me NOT to write a blog about them, I am doing the exact opposite.  I am however, leaving out the identity of this person.  They know who they are, and anyone who knows them knows who they are.  But for privacy's sake, they shall remain anonymous.

This person often shares stories with the family; some of these stories are just too ridiculous to believe, and my line after these stories usually goes something like this: (incredulous yet very amused expression) "you're so funny!".  The funny stories I have heard from this person are too numerous to remember, I will however start with the unusual thing that first led me to the above line.

My mom and this person speak very often on the phone, and what I find so bemusing is right in the middle of the conversation, I will hear mom say "ok, bye then", and put down the phone.  This person, when they talk on the phone, just seems to randomly end the call - however, with experience, I have found that it is because the conversation is over... why waste time with sticky goodbyes?  Very amusing.

Another story which I remember fondly, is the mirror story.  This person was wandering around a shop one day when they saw a person just in front of them, who stopped at the same time as they did.  We have all experienced this awkward little dance, when both parties step in the same direction.  So this person experienced that, they stepped to the left, the other person stepped to the left.  They stepped to the right, the other person stepped to the right.  They said, "after you", the other person said "after you".  They chuckled, the other person chuckled.  They said, "no really, after you", the other person said "no really, after you".  Getting the picture?  Whilst we have all had this experience, I can't imagine that more than a handful of people have had this experience with a reflection.  A reflection of themselves in a shop mirror.

Whilst there are many more tales I could recount, I will follow with this one: the story goes, that the one and only time this person has very been, possibly, a bit too slightly inebriated, the following may have happened: whilst possibly been driven back from wherever it was that all this possible drinking took place, this person may have wanted the car to be stopped.  When asked why, they may have replied - with utter conviction - that they needed to roll up the white line and take it home.  Yup, that's right, the white line on the road needed to be rolled up and taken home.                                                                                                                               (Disclaimer: I am not saying that this person did drink, I'm just saying they may have).

I would like to end with these words of wisdom: when this person experienced the word LOGMEIN on the start up screen of the computer, they came to me with some concern.  I took one look at this word, shook my head (again incredulous and amused) and said, "you mean Log Me In"?  Closely followed by "you're so funny".  Another amusing anecdote involves MSN, this person innocently suggested that mom log on to SnM so they could chat.  

These days, I don't even have to say "you're so funny", this person knows full well what I would say.  To this person, because I know they will read it (for which I am eternally grateful), thank you for looking after me, thank you for making me laugh (often hysterically), thank you for EVERYTHING.  And I shall sorely miss you (both) when I return to the UK.

Lots of Love                                                                                                                                               Ari

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  1. Aww how special! I love the family stories. Hopefully my grandchildren will enjoy my company as much as you do your Nan's.